Cropper 1.1


Platform:Java, Linux, Mac OS X, Unix, Win2000, Win7 x32, Win7 x64, WinServer, WinVista, WinVista x64, WinXP
Updated:2014-06-23 15:45:17
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Converts set of jpg, jpeg, png or gif images to a common size e.g. for an animated gif. Crops and scales images to a common specified size. Java source included.

To convert a single file, type:

java.exe -jar C:\com\mindprod\cropper\cropper.jar 200 300 rabbit.gif

where 200x300 pixels is the desired size.

The results replace the old file, so you had better make a backup just in case this is not what you want.

You can also list several files on the command line:

java.exe -jar C:\com\mindprod\cropper\cropper.jar rabbit.gif C:\mydir\cat.png

To use convert the current directory of jpg, png and gif files:

java.exe -jar C:\com\mindprod\cropper\cropper.jar .

to convert a whole directory tree of images:

java.exe -jar C:\com\mindprod\cropper\cropper.jar -s E:\imagedirs

Sorry no wildcards, just . , and ..

DON'T USE WILDCARDS unless you deeply understand how they work. Windows expands them, not cropper, and feeds them to cropper (or any other program) as a giant list of all the directories and files in the
current directory. Cropper will thus tend process all the files in your directories, when you just meant to process the files in the current directory.

If you have the jar extension set up as executable, you can abbreviate:

C:\com\mindprod\cropper\cropper.jar .