Cylindris 1.0


Author:ABTO Software
Platform:iPhone, iPod, iTouch
Updated:2013-02-15 06:08:25
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ABTO Software presents the innovative block-dropping game in full 3D for iOS - Cylindris. Add originality to the habitual games. Cylindris can become a great alternative to the usual block-dropping games.

It doesn`t matter whether you are a fan of old genre games or always want to try something new, Cylindris is a great combination of common rules and new features.
The rotating cylinder game board mechanics make the gameplay fresh and incredibly attractive.

In the bottom of the screen there is a button by which you can drop the shape. Also you can control the shape rotation with the buttons on the screen sides. To rotate cylinder just swipe left or right.
Challenge yourself to see how long will you last with the difficulty level rising every 10 cleared rows.