DataSafe 5.1


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Updated:2013-03-27 07:59:37
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DataSafe 5.1 for Windows


DataSafe is a fast, easy to use file encryption program. We believe it is the fastest encryption software for desktop computers on the market today. The encryption speed is limited by the disk througput rather than by CPU cycles.

Using DataSafe

With the mouse select All Programs -> DataSafe -> DataSafe. A graphical user interface will appear. In order to encrypt or decrypt a file you have to select one. Files are selected in the large box with yellow background on the right. Click on a file and a text indicating if the file has been encrypted or not will appear above.

The next step is entering a password. It can be up to 32 characters long, case sensitive, and any printable character can be used. It is entered in the white text box on the bottom. After entering the password press . If you are decrypting then the selected file will immediately be decrypted. If you are encrypting, then after entering the password you will be prompted to enter it again. There is a reason for this. If you lose the password you will not be able to recover the encrypted data. Similarly if you mistype the password you will not be able to decrypt the file. Typing the password twice greatly reduces the chance of mistyping.

The large yellow box on the right displays the content of only one directory. The displayed directory is highlighted in the large yellow box on the left. You can change this directory at any time by pointing the mouse and clicking. The disk drive can also be changed. It is accomplished in the drop down list box just above the directory selection box.

When a file is encrypted DataSafe appends the extension .ufs to it. Upon decryption the .ufs extension is removed.