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Do The Math has undergone a major upgrade to version 2.0 which now supports fractions for measurement conversion, fraction arithmetic, fraction transformation and finding prime numbers. Still the same great measurement conversion capabilities between US and the metric system, but now you can say it in fractions.
Do The Math for bi-directional conversion between US measurements and the metric system including length, area, mass, volume and temperature.

Whether preparing a specialized diet, sharing recipes over the Internet, attending school, preparing international shipments, purchasing or replacing
parts, or examining a foreign business proposal it's becoming more and more necessary for Americans to become aquatinted with the metric system.
From teaspoons, tablespoons and cups to milliliters, ounces and pounds to grams, liquid mass to solid, dry volume to liquid volume, miles to kilometers,
acres to hectares, you name it, Do The Math does it!

For many children the first taste of failure starts with fractions. There are many steps involved
in doing both fraction arithmetic and fraction transformation. Mastering them takes lots of practice.
Do The Math now provides support for both. The Fraction Arithmetic tab enables addition, subtraction,
multiplication and divisions of decimals and fraction from any form to any form. Just choose the desired form
of the answer using the Properties tab, select the Fraction Arithmetic tab, select the
desired math operation, enter the operands in any form, click the Calculate button then view
both the result and how the computation was performed.
Fraction transformation is also very easy. Using the Fraction Transformer, just select the tab of the
fraction or decimal form that is to converted to, then type a decimal or fraction in any form into
the Entry field, click the calculate button and once again view both the result and how the fraction
computation was performed.