EA Boss MT4 - Expert Advisor BBB, INC.

EA Boss MT4 - Expert Advisor BBB, INC. 1.0

EA Boss MT4 - Expert Advisor BBB, INC.

Author:BBB, INC.
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EA Boss MT4 - Expert Advisor Forex - Here are some facts to help you see why EA BOSS is a rare and unique EA and why it stands head and shoulders above the rest and why it is the real deal and a golden opportunity for the smart trader! If you back-test any trading robot, the profit it produces in testing mode trading is usually around 20% more than the profit it will produce in LIVE trading.

So, how did EA BOSS perform in back-testing?

The results are extremely impressive:
* 9 Years Back-test
* 8, 357 Total Trades
* 96.2% Winners
* 6, 100% NET Profit
* 0.33% Drawdown!

Pretty incredible results, would you agree? Extremely impressive!
We have backtested countless Forex robots... and no results have EVER even come close to these! But the REAL challenge still lay ahead... Back-testing was OBVIOUSLY not enough.
We want to show undeniable proof of how special EA BOSS really is.
Think about this for a moment… why are so many Robots being sold based on backtests alone?
Don’t you think if their live results were as good as they claim, they would show them to you? Are live results not a more accurate display of what an EA is capable of producing? Of course it is!

Now here is something I am sure you have never come across before…EA BOSS performs even BETTER in LIVE trading, than in back testing!
This is truly revolutionary and unheard of! This is the ONLY EA we know of that wins trade after trade in LIVE trading, and is TWICE as profitable as the 9 years of back-testing!
It simply does not get any better than this!