Earth 3D for Unity game engine

Earth 3D for Unity game engine 3.02

Earth 3D for Unity game engine

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Earth 3D by Unity3dx is the best Earth/Planetary shader money can buy for a real time 3d engine. It represents hundred of hours of test, and tweaks. You get more than 14 prefabs, 9 different planet scenes, 7 different shaders, scripts, and textures. You also get a 10 pages user manual with description of the parameters and the shaders.

Here are a list of features.

- working on shader 2.0, so it is iPhone/iPad compatible. A specific update will be released with iPad/iPhone projects and scenes.
- 9 different scenes examples.
- 14 prefabs, you can drag and drop and make a scene in less than 1 minute.
- 7 different shaders
- scattering on the clouds and/or on the surface.
- the sunset is reflected on the clouds and on the surface as well.
- you can change the parameters in editor, no need to run the project.
- several maps ready for the Earth, and yes, one Alien planet!
- PRO specific projects with full screen shader for a "Fantasy Earth"
- day and night cycles with real time fade between the night map and the day map.