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Updated:2011-06-06 15:08:14
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The new version of Easy-IPv6 isn’t limited to a few updates or bug fixes; it is the culmination of over two years hard work, involving a near complete rewrite of the code behind Easy-IPv4. The rewrite was undertaken because Easy-IP had outgrown its 2-tier (Client - Database Server) architecture and wanted to take advantage of the increased performance of a 3-tier architecture (Client - Easy-IP Server - Database Server).

Perhaps the single largest change in Easy-IPv6 is the dedicated Easy-IP server between the Client Applications and the Database Server. This change has allowed us to improve performance and add features that would otherwise have been impossible. Other key features of the system are:

-More powerful group/subnet/IP address editing; you can now add only the child subnets you require.
-Full Text Search built right into the server. Instant search results even when searching millions of IP addresses or subnets.
-Greatly improved import and export. Import data from any previous version of Easy-IP and multiple spreadsheets at the same time.
-Even more powerful Host and Network discoveries with lots of new features.
-All applications are now fully Unicode compatible
-Users, backups, logs, updates and restarts can all be managed flexibly, with enhanced scheduling and batch/multitasking features.
-Users files and settings are now managed centrally.
-The Web Client and Windows Client operate substantially faster in Easy-IPv6 thanks to data compression and greatly reduced network traffic between the client and server.
-Run Host Discovery from remote discovery bots.
-Simplified and improved reporting system.

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