Exult Database Edition for Oracle

Exult Database Edition for Oracle 2.0

Exult Database Edition for Oracle

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Exult XML Converter Database Edition for Oracle is an easy-to-use
Wizard Application for importing the data from one or more XML files
into an Oracle database. XML files are shredded to database tables and
columns which are automatically created from XML elements &
attributes. XML parent-child relationships are mirrored in the
database using primary & foreign keys. Exult Oracle can process large,
complex XML without large memory requirements since it uses a
streaming approach to loading XML files into the database. After Exult
Oracle completes importing your XML files, you can use simple SQL to
query and manipulate the data. XML shredded to relational database
tables also means no need for complex XPATH or XQUERY expressions to
extract the data.

In addition to importing XML data into the database, Exult Oracle can
also delete all the data imported from specific XML files. Using this
capability you can keep XML data updated with fresh XML sources. Just
delete data for a specified file and re-import from the updated XML

Being able to delete data from imported XML also means that you never
have to deal with stale data in the database. When you are done using
the data from an XML, just delete the XML from the database.

For complete cleanup of all XML data from the database, Exult Oracle
also offers a cleanup facility which deletes all tables and other
objects in the database that were created by Exult. This is useful to
restore the database to a state that it was in before using Exult
Oracle to import XML.

Need to perform unattended XML import into the database? Run scheduled
imports? Perform routine maintenance by keeping your XML data updated?
Easy! Just use the imported command line which allows you to import
and delete XML from the database and perform cleanups.

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