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The SingleSlide Unique Flip Theme package designs on the new SingleSlide template, the unique themes use extraordinary images as background with specially designed tool bar. There are six different style themes in the package, including Woods and Stars, Ice, Green, Gray, Feather and Cube. You can easy import them to Flip programs and then build your books with these fantastic themes.

Your flip books will impress your site visitors with the unique look and page-flipping experience. Enjoy the wonderful themes.

1. Run Flip program;
2. Click Menu: File->Import Theme, select the *.thm (themes) form open dialog box;
3. Open Template Window by clicking "Classical/Float/Spread" to choose imported theme in Select Template interface;
4. Use the theme you have just imported.

All free Flip Themes Packages are available in any FlipBuilder software.
With those Themes & Template you can make more professional and interactive Page-Flipping eBook as you want.