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GPS monitoring allows online to track the location of any object. GPS vehicle monitoring program is required not only to transport companies, but also ordinary people.

Who has not thought about the control of his car? By installing GPS tracker under the hood of his car you will always know about her whereabouts. This will help to quickly track down the car if it gets stolen, God forbid.

If your company is engaged in trade, the perfect way to monitor the sales representatives - is GPS monitoring of transport. Our system is designed to monitor GPS tracker TLT-2H.

The advantage of using this tracker is not only low cost and relatively simple setup, but also excellent quality of the GPS and GSM signal.
Tracker receives data from satellites and sends it to the specified settings in the IP address of the server for receiving data. Our monitoring program allows you to not only track the location of the object online or look at the route of movement for the previous period.

In the client-side monitoring program of transport you are free to customize the color scheme for each object.

The program allows you to create several central geozones and bind them to the car. Each object can customize the color, line thickness of the route, phone number and the time of travel.

Time of work has been done in order to eliminate the error data to be sent from the tracker at the moment when it is for instance in the garage and the signal is very weak.

Specified operating object affects only the information that is displayed in the client application. Despite anything to the settings of the client application server part of the program captures everything the data are sent from the tracker.

A weak signal GPS tracker starts looking for any satellite to obtain information about their whereabouts. At this point tracker transmits usually not very accurate.

For example, if the tracker is in the shielded garage, then on the map, you will see a strange move around your garage.

In order