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Gaia Family Tree

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Gaia Family Tree™. Simplified.

Gaia Family Tree is a free application which allows you to create a stunning family tree, manage a family history project online and collaborate with other leading genealogy software applications using the standard GEDCOM file format.

• Search easily through FamilySearch™, the largest online database
• Add family members quickly and easily
• Print or share your tree with your friends and family

Make your Gaia Family Tree in minutes. Its simple interface allows you to build your family tree with just a few clicks - no need to be an expert in computers or genealogy. You don’t need to spend hours formatting and entering data in Excel or PowerPoint. Plug your information directly into Gaia Family Tree, and the software will build your family tree for you. You have the freedom to customize your family tree the way you want with the choice of two colorful backgrounds. Access to online genealogy resources directly in the software makes your research easier and faster.

Create your Gaia Family Tree now. It's simple, fun and free!