JobFlexer - Job Board PHP Script

JobFlexer - Job Board PHP Script 4

JobFlexer - Job Board PHP Script

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Updated:2011-06-06 05:49:07
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JobFlexer is a software platform which very easy in use. This platform gave you opportunity to create website in few simple steps. Create your own websites using Multilanguage system in JobFlexer software platform.
Using a flexible system of working with the forms you will not be difficult to adjust itself to filling in the fields of registration forms or forms for posting resumes and jobs.
Templates engine allow you to create your own designed template or install already finished templates from our gallery.
Make your more profitable tariff plan for posting a summary of letting resumes, jobs classified and earn money, through the PayPal payment system.
With JobFlexer software platform everyone is able to create own online business in the area of career and employment.

Flexible and easy management of forms
Personalization of your website gives you a tremendous opportunity to stand out among other websites operating in the area of jobs search and candidates.
Software platform is equipped with a simple and convenient engine for managing forms on the website. You just select the desired form to edit, add or delete field that you need. Work with JobFlexer it's really easy!

Minimum requirements, Maximum capacity
The software platform developed on the popular PHP programming language. PHP allows creating professional web applications and powerful software platforms like JobFlexer. Due to the flexibility and capabilities of the language you'll enjoy the work of Effectiveness of our software platform for creating and managing your website in the career or employment area.
To achieve maximum results and effective storage of user accounts, settings, posted listings of resumes and jobs the platform JobFlexer uses MySQL as a control and database management system.
Apache is the one of the most popular Web Server in the Internet. Apache runs on all operating systems like Linux, Mac OS X, Windows, and UNIX.