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KLONK Image Measurement Light

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KLONK Image Measurement Light is the free little brother of KLONK Quantify Image Central, which is a state of art Scientific full featured database multiuser Image Measurement system.

The tool can be used for area, perimeter and length measuring on surface images.

Image Measurement light provides the possibility, that every single surface measurement will take no more than 1-5 seconds! Depending, of course, on the kind and size of the measurement.

It gives you considerable time savings - time you can find better use for in your work.

Is is completely intuitive to use.

The tool is designed to be an easy to use tool for acquiring and measuring digital images. The measurements may be done by pointing and clicking or with the magic wand tool which automatically detects edges on objects in the images.

The Image Measurement tool can load many different types of images, and also supports image acquisition from most TWAIN supporting scanners.

It can measure distance, perimeter, area. Spatial calibration is available to provide real world dimensional measurements such as kilometers, centimeters, millimeters, nanometers, microns, cm, etc, . for both linear and area measurements.

The measurement results are stored inside the saved images, when saved on disk, so that they can be recalled everywhere, by other KLONK Image Measurement Users.

It is localizable and is currently localized to Danish and English, if you want to contribute with a localisation let us know.