KeyMon 2.26


Author:UrsaSoft Inc
Platform:Win7 x32, WinVista, WinXP
Updated:2013-01-07 23:59:58
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KeyMon allows you to secretly record all activities of PC users including every keystroke (login/password of ICQ, MSN, AOL, AIM, and Yahoo Messenger or Webmail), online chats, and takes screen snapshots at set intervals just like a surveillance camera directly screens your computer activities.

Moreover, it supports to remote monitoring through logs report delivery via email without any physically need. This PC spy KeyMon is designed to a hidden monitor tool for the computer activity, it secretly monitors all activities with spy mode (No trace in Add/Remove Programs, Start menu, Applications, and no icons); so it is difficult to be detectable by other users. Computer Spy Monitor KeyMon is perfect security spy software for long-term child monitoring or catching a cheating spouse.

With KeyMon you can monitor:

· key strokes typed
· Instant Message, chat logged
· Username password, email, document logged
· Remote Monitoring: Reports delivery via email