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Updated:2013-06-17 03:15:11
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Keyword Merger is a software tool that allows you to merge words and combine them into unique sentences

We’re proud to announce the release of our latest software application that will surely be handy to any internet marketer out there. It is called Keyword Merge and its purpose is to generate different combinations on the words that you give and merge them together to create a diversity of sentences.

Many times marketers find themselves stuck when coming up with sentences to write an article or a product description or anything at all. But with this article you won’t find yourself stuck in front of your keyboard.

All you got to do is add the combinations that you want to merge into the three fields that are displayed and the software will make them into one. You can have pre written documents and with Keyword Merge you can add them together into a single document.

This is a really helpful tool not only for marketers but also for people who deal with copywriting, translating or content writing. With this software you’ll be able to brainstorm and research for different keywords and combinations.

We all know how hard it is to come up with keywords that might actually be good for your website and how hard it is to do it all manually. Yes, the manual research is doable but it consumes tons of your time and that’s the only thing that is limited for us.

Keyword Merge saves you a lot of effort and time into doing this simple task of merging the combinations of words from the three columns in the interface that otherwise would have taken you too much of your time and that usually isn’t worth it at all.

Do yourself a favor and make your work a lot easier by using this automation software to help you along the way. Find the best keywords by being creative and including different words into the fields that are required.