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ListTheLinks Free Headline Browser

Author:idxSoft LLC
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ListTheLinks Free Headline Browser for Windows is free software that helps you find and read the latest news stories quickly. It scans a site and builds a list of the most recent articles; click on the list and read the story.
Reading the news is faster because ListTheLinks lists and highlights new articles for you so you don't have to hunt through a busy home page to find them. Choose to view every story or just the ones added in the last 8 hours.
Navigating the site is easier too: After you've finished reading a story, click on the next headline in the list and it will appear in the browser; there's no need to use the back button. Over 30 news, sports and tech bookmarks are pre-loaded on installation.

To make sure you never miss a story, even if it was removed from the home page, upgrade to the affordable ListTheLinks Pro. It has an alert feature that scans for new stories every 15 minutes. Once a new article is found, it can be added to a newswire, so you can read stories from many different sites all in one place.

ListTheLinks is licensed free of charge for personal, non-commercial use. It runs on Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and 8, requiring no additional software.