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Platform:WinXP, WinNT 4.x, Windows2000, Windows2003
Updated:2011-03-16 13:15:51
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MaxPatrol is a professional network security scanner distinguished by its uncompromisingly high quality of scanning, optimized for effective use by companies of any size (serving from a few to tens of thousands of nodes). It supports vulnerability testing for servers with non-standard configurations, intelligent recognition of vulnerabilities in known (and custom) web-server scripts, full identification of RPC services and more. The program uses specialized inspection methods to minimize false detections. MaxPatrol has at its disposal a powerful and comprehensive protection analyzer developed for web servers and web applications (e.g. internet shops).

Although MaxPatrol operates within Microsoft Windows, it can test for possible vulnerabilities in any software or hardware platform: from Windows workstations to Cisco networks (*nix, Solaris, Novell, AS400, etc.).

Additional features include scheduled scans, custom level vulnerabilities, full scan history and more.