Microsoft Windows Mobile Device Center 64 bit

Microsoft Windows Mobile Device Center 64 bit 6.1

Microsoft Windows Mobile Device Center 64 bit

Platform:Windows 7, Windows Vista
Updated:2011-02-25 08:51:37
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Microsoft Windows Mobile Device Center 64 bit 6.1 for Windows 7, Windows Vista

ActiveSync and Windows Mobile Device Center (WMDC) provide an easy way to synchronize data on a Windows-based computer with your device. ActiveSync works on computers that have the Windows XP operating systems. WMDC works only on computers that have Windows Vista.

ActiveSync and WMDC act as gateways between your device and your computer for transferring Outlook e-mail, appointments, contacts, and tasks, and media such as pictures, music, and videos. You can also use the Explore feature in either program to move files or programs from your computer to your device.

ActiveSync and WMDC can be set to update your device wirelessly when you are away from your computer by synchronizing directly with a Microsoft Exchange Server.

If there are data conflicts between the device and the computer or Exchange Server, the data on the computer or Exchange Server will overwrite the data on the device unless you change the default settings for conflict resolution. You can change these settings for a computer or Exchange Server in ActiveSync on your device.