MiniBattle 1.1.1


Platform:iPhone, iPod, iTouch
Updated:2013-01-03 08:37:00
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MiniBattle is a favorite to the female players for its cute game pictures, and refreshing fairy tale environment as well as its varied and fashionable clothes-changes, while it is also a favor to the male players for its splendid battlefield, varied weapons, and dazzling skills, in addition to its interesting assisted props system.

Press the arrow button in the left corner to adjust the degrees according to the terrains around and the location of your enemy and also yours. Press the upward one to make the degrees larger and the downward one to smaller.

Wait for your turn to repel according to the hint above. Use the tools you have after reasonably assembly to exceed the power and whittle the HP of your rival. Then choose the skills at the screen below. Press the round button in the right corner to add and release your strength. Wait for your turn, locate, adjust and shoot again.