MusicDNA Box

MusicDNA Box

MusicDNA Box

Platform:Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP
Updated:2011-02-25 08:51:37
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MusicDNA Box for Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP

MusicDNA. Box is a smart media extension of standard audio codes combining audio analysis, textual metadata, rich media and business intelligence in a single file. MusicDNA. Box is the next stage in the evolution of digital music.

20 years ago vinyl records with their liner notes, lyrics, album art, and more provided a deeper music experience then today.s bare-bones MP3 format. With the current standard audio formats, there is no easy way to drive additional revenue from additional high-value products and services.

MusicDNA. Box allows end users to customize their music experience with music-related content from lyrics, artwork and tour dates, to blog posts, and twitter feeds. All this information is dynamically updated whenever the user is online and can be transferred across devices without any data loss. The music analysis information within the MusicDNA. Box powers cutting edge tools for music discovery and smart playlist generation.

MusicDNA. Box is based on open standards MPEG-7 and XML, is platform agnostic and fully backwards compatible. It can be played on even the oldest MP3 Player and can integrate up to 32GB of extensive metadata fully synchronized with the attached audio code. MusicDNA. Box provides significant advantages over other common formats.

MusicDNA. Box opens new opportunities to generate additional revenue from rich media content, 3rd party products like merchandise and the re-packaging of existing products and new releases. But most important, MusicDNA. Box will benefit the consumers, who will get back the total music entertainment experience and an alternative to free.