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Platform:WinXP, Windows2000, Windows2003, WinME, WinNT 4.x
Updated:2012-05-21 07:20:12
NSWebSiteAuditor was tested using leading antivirus scanners and found to be 100% Clean. It does not contain any form of viruses, malware, spyware, trojans, etc. clean award
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Auditor website simple and peformant, helps make your site successful
Put all the odds in your favor to get the better ranking of your website
NSWebSiteAuditor you will achieve this result.
It will help you ensure that your website:

-That it contains quality content.
That it complies technically
That it meets safety standards

The visibility of your site and the number of visitors will be greatly improved

Its principle:
he gathers the data from your site, search engines, social networking sites, directories .... He then structure the data and gives an accurate analysis with an overall score from 0 to 100 of your site. He advises and helps you step by step to solve the problems detected

If you are a beginner, it will give you all the information necessary to achieve the objective. The grip is very fast.

If you are a professional (webmaster) it will allow you to make pre-sales through detailed reports and customizable and you will have to win market share