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Updated:2011-05-05 06:36:35
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Easy to Use: To convert your video files to flash, you just need three steps: load video file, customize audio settings and then publish. Settings for each step are arranged to a numbered tab of property sheet for ease of use.

Flexible Audio Option: User can choose to use the original audio stream from the video file or load audio from a separate file. NanoFlash can automatically detect the existence of original audio stream.

Flash Screen Codec: We developed a flash codec to compress screencasts. Like NSCC, this flash codec provides lossless image quality coupled with excellent compression ratios. This codec is specially designed and optimized for screencasts in flash file.

Web Page Template User can specify a web page template when publish the flash video. NanoFlash will replace predefined macros in the template file. This gives user the flexibility for embedding flash video into web pages.