A New Flickr Uploadr

Added on: 2012-04-26 17:15:08 by: Emanuel

With Yahoo working hard to increase the user experience for the websites, Flickr has seen quite a few new features and improvements lately. The recent update is the new Flickr Uploader or "Uploadr" as they mentioned on their website.

The new uploader features advanced HTML 5 browser technology with Drag and Drop capability. It's an important improvement over the previous one, more so Flickr being a photo site, uploading images easily and in batches is an important tool for this kind of a website.

Currently supporting Chrome 6, Safari 5, Firefox8 and up, the new uploader is said to increase the upload speed - between 20-30% faster on average, and up to 50-60% faster for international users. The file size limit has also been increased, Pro users can now uploading files up to 50MB in size and 30MB for free users.

Adding titles, description and tags has been simplified and added the possibility to organize your photos into sets. Tagging your friends in a photo or changing the licensing, content type or other advanced option is now doable on the uploadr page before publishing to your photo-stream.

Faster speeds, larger file size limits and a easier way to add metadata to your photos, all of this features will be available to users in the next couple of weeks which will be the default Upload experience soon, as well as new features are to be added for the Flickr Uploadr.

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