Adobe Flash Player 11.2 Released; Developers to Pay for Premium Features

Added on: 2012-03-28 13:14:26 by: Emanuel

The latest stable version of Adobe Flash player has been released. Adobe Flash Player 11.2 release candidate can be downloaded from the official website ( or using this direct link .

The release announced the premium features available for gaming and the collaboration with Unity Technologies. Unity customers can publish web-based 3D games in Flash with the use of the premium features for gaming available in Unity.

Although it sounds like a bad move on Adobe's part to start charging developers for premium features, but the changes are aimed towards larger gaming studios. The games or application who are using either hardware accelerated Stage3D (introduced in Flash 11) or domain memory are not required to pay for a premium features license. Those who want to use both for their project must pay for a license from Adobe. Another key note is the fact that applications that earn less then $50, 000 in revenue are not charged for the use of the premium features. Developers will pay 9% of the revenue shares for the use of premium features if the product earns more then $50, 000.


- The new tier of premium features provides access to domain memory in combination with hardware-accelerated Stage3D in Flash Player.

- This combination of APIs enables unprecedented gaming experiences across the web. Together, they allow native game engines that power premiere titles on the most advanced modern console hardware to run directly on the web with no install, consistently across browsers, while reaching the largest possible audience.

- All other existing Flash Player capabilities are unaffected by the premium features terms. Developers can continue to use all of the other features of Flash Player—which power many of the most successful games on the web today—royalty-free.

- Developers can use the premium features without charge in apps packaged for iPhone/iPad (iOS), Android, Windows, or Mac OS using Adobe® AIR®.

Some of the key features available with the Adobe Flash Player 11.2 are: Drivers gating for hardware acceleration relaxed; Throttling event; Mouse lock, relative mouse coordinates, right and middle click events; Multithreaded video decoding; Flash Player background updates. (source).

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