Create a New Email Address Straight from Thunderbird

Added on: 2012-02-29 20:33:00 by: Emanuel

Mozilla bloged about the possibility for users to obtain a new email address with Thunderbird.

Mozilla wrote:


Back in 2011, we conducted some Thunderbird product research and found that a large proportion of respondents was expecting to obtain an new email address with Thunderbird. As unexpected as this finding was, we looked at it more closely and got convinced that this was a very nice feature. Since Mozilla is not in the business of email service, we decided to partner with email service providers to provide a great range of options. Some of them offer free email, some others paid service. For example, some would offer an address with my last name as a domain name for a small fee: John Smith will then then be able to buy

This feature is already working in Thunderbird 11 Beta and soon to be fully released. Although Mozilla doesn't have an email service, they are looking into partnering up with existing ones to have them integrated and offered via Thunderbird.

There is only one email provider currently included. Mozilla is expecting more email service providers to come and ask to be included so that users will have more options when the feature will be released.

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