Firefox UI to Be Redesigned in Second Half of 2012

Added on: 2012-02-15 16:57:12 by: Emanuel

According to Mozilla's user experience roadmap for 2012, the Firefox UI will be redesigned.

Mozilla's main focus points for the new UI:


Consistency: Unify consistent elements throughout the UI such as colors, margins, padding, spacing and border radii

Precision: Stricter adherence to detailed design specs

Refinement: Evolve and polish the existing UI

Slightly inspired by the Google Chrome browser, Mozilla plans to make the selected tab more rounded, whilst the background tabs are faded giving the appearance that they are pinned down.

The custom search bar is removed. Filling the blank is a favorite button, options button and a new download button which will replace the current downloads dialog. The download button will include a small progress bar for the active downloads.

The new UI is still in the works, and the latest mockup is the closest to the final look for Firefox, expected to be available to download in the second half of the year.

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