Google Chrome for Windows 8 Metro UI

Added on: 2012-06-11 15:34:00 by: Emanuel

Google showcases the Metro UI Chrome. In March Google developers began working on Metro-style version of Chrome for Windows 8 which will run in both the Metro and desktop environments. On the 7'th of June a screenshot showcasing Metro-style implementation for Chrome was posted on The Chromium Blog.

Although several months will pass till Windows 8 will be released, developers are working hard to make good use of the new Metro UI.

Also written in the post is the face that Chrome won't run in WinRT since Microsoft is only allowing IE10 on the platform. The Windows RT will be running on ARM powered devices and will feature a limited Metro API which will make it impossible for Google to release a Chrome version for the platform, similar to what Apple is doing with iOS. Mozilla is in the same situation as Google and both are trying to push Microsoft to permit full-fledged browsers other than Internet Explorer on Windows RT.


The initial releases of Chrome in Metro mode will include integration with the basic Windows 8 system functionality, such as charms and snap view. Over the next few months, we’ll be smoothing out the UI on Metro and improving touch support, so please feel free to file bugs. We’re committed to bringing the speed, simplicity, and security of Chrome into Windows 8, and we look forward to working with you on it.

If you have the Release Preview of Windows 8 and wish to test the browser, you have to wait for the next Chrome Dev channel where you will be able to try Chrome in Metro. Doing this requires you to have Chrome set as the default browser.

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