Ubuntu for Android Announced

Added on: 2012-02-21 19:03:57 by: Emanuel

Ubuntu for Android is the latest product announced by Cronical. Aiming to bring the popular Ubuntu operating system to Android mobile devices.

The Ubuntu OS shares the same kernel with Android and boots up when the phone is docked. It comes with a complete desktop solution with Chromium web Browser, Google Calendar, Google Docs, Thunderbird, Gwibber, VLC Player, PiTiVi, Ubuntu Music Player, Ubuntu Photo Gallery and Android dialler.

Using the dual-core ARM CPUs for mobile phones Ubuntu for Android offers a free, full desktop experience if used with a monitor, keyboard and mouse.


Hardware requirements

- Dual-core 1GHz CPU
- Video acceleration: shared kernel driver with associated X driver; Open GL, ES/EGL
- Storage: 2GB for OS disk image
- HDMI: video out with secondary frame buffer device
- USB host mode
- 512 MB RAM

For more information visit this link.

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