Yahoo Meme Will be Discontinued

Added on: 2012-04-01 19:19:18 by: Emanuel

On May 25, 2012 Yahoo Meme will be shutting down. It may be a shock for those who use this service, although many might not even heard of it.

Only two years old, Yahoo Meme started out as a service provided for users living in Brazil, which later was translated into English. Yahoo Meme joins the list of Yahoo services to be shut down, list which includes names like Yahoo Buzz, MyBlogLog and AltaVista.

On Aprill 25th the website will enter "reduced functionality" mode, which means that they will disable the posibilty of creating new accounts, new posts or new comments. Beside that the Meme API will stop accepting Inserts and Updates, but those who wish to export all their posts will be able to acces everything.


Unfortunately, the time has come to say goodbye to Meme.

As part of Yahoo!’s commitment to delivering Web content and tools that matter most to people, we are reprioritizing our portfolio so we can focus on our core strengths and new innovations.

On May 25th, Yahoo will shut down the Meme servers, making the website and all Meme URLs inaccessible. Yahoo also mentioned that these changes wont affect any Yahoo accounts , even those who subscribed for the service.

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