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Twitter is one of the only ways to personally interact with potential customers. This type of interaction builds loyalty, brands your business, and does more on a person by person basis than nearly any other marketing method imaginable. It's unlikely you'll reach as many customers as you can with other types of marketing, but it's possible to have a better interaction with them and potentially create long lasting relationships.

In many ways, Twitter is also a market research tool. As you interact with customers, search Twitter and more, you will learn what people are saying about you, your products, and your industry, and ultimately find ideas that may help your business in the future.

When you've built up enough followers, Twitter can act as a free press release tool. Any time you need to announce something to the public, simply make a tweet or two and suddenly everyone knows about your news. You don't need to spend money on a press release, and unlike with a press release you can answer any questions your followers have about the news directly.

Twitter is also an excellent customer satisfaction tool. Not only can you respond to customer questions and engage with customers that contact you - you can also find customers through the search feature that have mentioned your business and try to make things better/right..

Assuming you run your Twitter account correctly, with someone in charge of your campaign that is skilled at making jokes or presenting a positive and friendly attitude, Twitter also does a good job of creating a positive association with your brand. The effects of this association may not be apparent right away, but with time, people begin to associate your brand and what it has to offer with the same lighthearted tone of your account

One Click Offers application helps you to grow your business using Twitter