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The OpenEducationDisc is a modification of the OpenDisc format by Teachers and Computer Specialists with a passion for education. The purpose of it is to provide students with the software that they need to complete school work at home. Most students don.t have jobs and it is unfair to ask for them or a parent/guardian to buy expensive software to get the best out of their education. Hence everything is free and we encourage you to make copies of this CD and lend it to you friends.

The project was started in 2007 by Mr. Kemp, a Computing Teacher in London, UK. It is now thriving in schools across the globe and was the 2006/2007 winner of the Teach First School Projects Competition.


The OpenEducationDisc focuses solely on meeting educational needs of students of all ages. Software has been chosen to address specific IT needs across a wide range of subject areas. The contents of the disc therefore differ from the OpenDisc and are listed below.
Office and Design . Fully compatible office software for your school work
Dia . Make technical diagrams and flowcharts
Scribus . Create professional looking posters and magazines
GanttProject . Plan your school projects with this project management software
FreeMind . Collect your ideas with this mind mapping Software
Sumatra PDF . Read PDF files quickly and easily

Firefox . A safe, secure and fast web browser
Thunderbird . Manage your emails better than ever . Reclaim your inbox!
Pidgin . Talk to your friends whatever instant message client they use
Kompozer . Create web pages easily, without having to code
Art and Graphics

GIMP . Edit digital photos and create graphics
GIMP animation . Create animations
Inkscape . Make professional looking vector graphics
Pencil . Animate your own cartoons
Blender . 3D graphic modeling, animation, rendering and playback
Tuxpaint . Drawing program for children ages 3 to 12

VLC . Play music, videos and DVDs
Audacity . Record, edit and mix music
Mixxx . Mix your own music like a DJ
MuseScore . Compose your own music
Piano Booster . Teach yourself the piano
Infra Recorder . Burn your own CDs and DVDs
CamStudio . Record your actions on a computer
Really Slick Screensavers . Great looking screensavers
Science and Mathematics

Nasa Worldwind - Discover the earth and other planets
Geogebra - Learn geometry and algebra
Greenfoot . Teach yourself how to program
GraphCalc . A graphical calculator
BYOB . Learn how to program and make animations
CarMetal . Cool mathematical modelling tool
Maxima . University standard computer algebra system
Celestia . Explore the universe in three dimensions
Stellarium . A planetarium on your PC

FreeCiv - Control the world through diplomacy and conquest
FreeCol . Discover the .New World. and build an empire
Numpty Physics . Solve puzzles using physics
TuxTyping 2 . Learn to type like a pro
Tux of Math Command . Test your mathematical skills

7zip . Compress and uncompress files in a wide variety of formats
Abakt - Schedule and execute backups of your data
Clamwin . Antivirus software with automatic updating
TrueCrypt . Encrypt and secure your valuable data
Workrave . Prevent and recover from Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI)
Advanced Internet

Tight VNC