Author:Shursoft Inc.
Platform:WinXP, WinVista, Win7 x32, Win2000, Win98
Updated:2013-05-07 00:04:01
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PANOPTIQUE is an universal cataloguing program for Windows*.
It allows you to easily catalogue files of various types on any drives
(hard, floppy, flash, remote).

We live in the world which is plunging into information chaos.
Scientists say that the amount of stored data doubles every three years.
Our own disk drives are becoming more and more flooded with lots of unnecessary files.

How to organize your file system fast and easy? Just use our cataloguing program PANOPTIQUE.

It will scan all drives on your computer by request and will store information about every single file.

After this operation you always will be able to track the file's whereabouts,
even if the drive is removed getting dusty on the shelf.

What is more, PANOPTIQUE detects the duplicates for each file before you can say Jack Robinson.

All in all, a genuine, amazing and user-friendly tool to structure your catalogs and remove all the trash you don't need.

Now with Clouds! In new version we supported RapidDrive(tm). After scanning you get a snapshot of your cloud storage. This always available snapshot is the Cloud Shadow.