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Record and review all activity on your computer.
Imagine recording everything you see on your computer screen and later playing it back just as you would on a VCR.

If you are worried about protecting your children from the dangers of the Internet, or concerned about your employees using company time for other things than work, or wondering what your spouse or mate is doing online, PC-ward will provide you with everything you need to know.

Watch your children or mate chatting on AOL, ICQ, YAHOO, IRC or *any* chat program, including videoconferencing programs, and see the chat (and video) both ways.

See if your employees are working or slacking off. What kind of e-mail they are sending and receiving? Are they spending more time in business applications, or games? Are they spending valuable company time doing their online shopping? Surfing inappropriate web sites?

Is your mate engaged in cyber-play or having an online affair that you want to know about?

PC-ward records everything on the computer as you see it. There is virtually no learning curve - you can have it up and running within minutes!

PC-ward will record everything done and used on your computer. Just a few examples of what PC-ward will record:

• Every program opened, and what it was used for
• Every Web Site visited including facebook
• Text Chat Conversations in *any* chat program, including AOL - you will see both sent and received messages
• Videoconferencing sessions (both video and text - sent and received)
• Keystrokes Typed Locally - whether in chat, e-mail, a word processor, a text file - anything at all!
• Live Streaming Video as well as and pre-recorded video movies
• E-mails Sent & Viewed - including Web-based E-mail.
• ...and much, much more - the possibilities are endless.