PDFCool Free PDF Password Protector

PDFCool Free PDF Password Protector 3.80.141115

PDFCool Free PDF Password Protector

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Updated:2015-09-24 21:46:59
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With the Security Setting function of PDFCool, you can control who can access to your documents and what actions they can perform once they have the password. Depending on your needs and the intended audience, you can choose between 128-bit RC4, and 128-bit AES encryption.

Decrypt Documents: This function of PDFCool can help you to easily decrypt PDF documents in batches.

Decrypt in Batches: Without entering the passwords one by one as the order of the PDF document list. You can enter the probable passwords in any order.

"Probable Passwords" Support: With this function, you can enter several probable passwords to decrypt a PDF document which you forgot the password.

Sign PDF: Sign PDF documents is a way of authenticating the contents, PDFCool enables you to import or create Digital IDs to sign PDF documents.