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PGS HTML Calculators

Updated:2011-03-20 14:11:47
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16 free online financial calculators using the latest AJAX technologies so that the screen does not redraw when the user clicks on calculate. Includes a very full featured amortization schedule as well as an interest and several loan calculators.

These are the 16 calculators included:

Accelerated Extra Payment Calculator - make regular extra payments and see what you'll save in interest.

Affordable House Calculator - calculate how much house you can afford and the amount of financing that is required.

Amortization Schedule Calculator - display and print a loan amortization schedule.

Auto Loan Calculator - calculates any loan detail plus the price you can afford or downpayment amount needed.

Balloon Payment Calculator - calculates any one of 5 variables associated with a balloon loan.

Bridge Loan Calculator - calculates if a bridge loan is needed and what the payment will be.
Compound/Simple Interest Calculator - calculate interest and future value for an exact number of days. Also does calendar math.

Equivalent Rate Calculator - calculates equal nominal or effective interest rates.

Loan Calculator - a general purpose loan calculator. Calculates any one of the four variables associated with a loan.

Markup and Discount Calculator - use this calculator to calculate markups and discounts. You can solve for any of five unknowns. Also a great tool for teaching about percentages.

Mortgage Calculator - calculates any loan detail plus the price of the home you can afford or the down payment amount required.

Payment Required Calculator - a classic, how much do I have to save to be a multi-millionaire?

Present Value (PV) Calculator - calculate the present value of a future amount.

Remaining Balance Calculator - calculate the remaining balance of a loan.

Return on Investment (ROI) Calculator - calculate both the absolute return on an investment and the annualized rate of return.

Simple Loan Calculator - as easy as they come.