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PayPal Button Generator

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PayPal Button Generator is truly an efficient button creator that produces a Buy Now button and also a customizable thank-you web page, which contains a unique download link to your digital items.

After you have created the exact html code to make a PayPal Buy Now button or a Shopping Cart is truly really useful to manage correctly your very own electronic goods by Instant Payment Notification (IPN). The IPN component of the web script can send customized e-mail messages to alert you and additionally, the customer concerning the operation that took place along with your digital products.

There is no need for a database since the events of the transactions are stored in a text document for further investigation.

And in addition if you already use an IPN script, you may still make use of it. All variables involving financial transaction received from PayPal may also be forwarded for further handling to your own old script as a POST request.

At first, the form fields are already loaded with valid information matching to a PayPal Buy Now button in Sandbox Test Environment. You just need to change those fields that are particular to your electronic items. Right after it is actually suggested but not mandatory to save the PayPal Buy Now button in the current directory to load it later. PayPal Buy Now button can then be tested by a straight-forward simply click.

As a result of transaction, PayPal redirects the web browser to a customized thank-you page mentioned by the seller. That contains a unique download link produced by Payment Data Transfer (PDT) component for these electronic items. Optionally, you are able to personalize the thank-you page with particular variables of PayPal Button Generator together with those acquired via PayPal.

At last, it is actually really worthwhile to safeguard your own PayPal Buy Now button or Shopping Cart against the scam on your own digital products. Examine the screenshoot to get finer details.