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Author:Stephen Hazel
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Once upon a time, a computer programmer found out that synths talk to PCs.
And thus, PianoCheetah was born.
Since the late 80s, PianoCheetah has become Steve's life work.

It started out as "Ditty" - a teeny weeny itty bitty MIDI sequencer.
Now, it's a bit bigger. GuitarHero and Rockband have come around.
But, hmmm, although they are AWESOME, they're just fun games.
You'll never learn to play a REAL piano with those.

Playing a musical instrument is something EVERYone should do.
But PianoCheetah won't teach you to play piano by itself.
You'll also need a piano teacher to get you on the right path.

However, PianoCheetah WILL help you with piano practice.
It spoon feeds you EVERY note and rhythm of a REAL song.
You can play hands seperate or together. You play at YOUR pace.
The sheet music waits for YOU to press the right keys.

You can put PianoCheetah on a laptop, bring it in to your piano lesson,
hook it to your teacher's digital piano with a USB cable and
show off your progress.
Your teacher will be very happy that you weren't slacking off and
will give you the next BITE to tackle during the coming week.
And within a couple months you'll be playing pretty DANG well.

The reason you need a teacher is that playing piano is actually a sport.
You need a coach to help you tune your reflexes and teach you the tricks.

A word of warning - some piano teachers refuse to use anything other than
paper sheet music (classical only - no pop) and expensive acoustic pianos.
Look around for an open minded teacher.

You can find pop songs and classical music in midi files using Google.
PianoCheetah will load any midi file and display the notes.
And those notes will make sure you play them.

PianoCheetah will help you blossom into a true piano player.
And it will continue to help you as you continue to improve.
So go and make some beautiful music !!