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Updated:2013-07-10 03:05:44
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Stop Privacy Violations With Privacy Optimizer

Blocking Dangerous Websites and Processes

Privacy Optimizer can help Internet users block websites that are poorly rated and/or are very invasive. Keeping the software updated will allow the program to connect to a complete database of websites and software applications that are dangerous to access. Users of Privacy Optimizer can warn other users about the websites or software programs they have found to be dangerous. Perhaps the best feature of Privacy Optimizer is that users do not need to monitor the program, because it can monitor itself. This mean no more having to constantly run a scan, or check to see if the program has found something trying to collect data about you. Therefore, online shopping, social media participation, and using web browsers or search engines will now be virtually free of stress.

Privacy Optimizer Tools

Privacy Optimizer comes with a Tools Suite that provides 10 valuable tools to help users protect their personal information and use the Internet safely at the same time. These tools let each individual user choose the optimal privacy settings that will keep them safe. They also serve to protect information such as files and folders, credit card numbers, passwords and more. Users of Privacy Optimizer can choose to remain anonymous on the Internet by hiding their IP address and surfing via the included anonymous web browser. Privacy settings for Windows users can be customized and allow users to disable services they do not wish to use. The Privacy Optimizer offers tools to rate websites, software and web browsers. Users of the program can contribute to its ratings and help each other catch any website, software or browser that is harmful to a persons computer.