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Intrepid explorer wanted for pyramid expedition. Do you have what it takes to solve its collapse and Hidden Object Puzzles to gain access to its many secret chambers?

The Gods protecting the dead will reward you if you can find and restore the hidden ancient artifacts but be wary of angering them lest they seek revenge upon you. Find all the hidden objects and Seth, the God of thunderstorms will grant you passage into the great pyramid.

The God Horus is the protector of the king and prevents access by dropping blocks from above. He challenges you to clear all the blocks to retrieve the ancient artifacts. The more blocks you match the bigger the reward in gold but being greedy will gain you nothing.

Sekhmet protects the Gods by punishing their enamies. You must convince her you pose no threat and are worthy to be allowed to proceed. She will gradually lower blocks to crush those unable to destoy them or fail to dodge her meciless fireballs. Sekhmet will deny access to where the next chamber is hidden to all she regards as unworthy to proceeed.

You can increase your expedition funds by collecting Gold along the way. Some Gods may shower you with gold as reward for your sucess whilst others make you seek silver which they turn into Gold when you have enough. You can use some of your gold as an offering to the Gods in return for things to help you proceed.

Pieces of damaged artifacts can be collected from some levels which the Goddess Isis, protector of Coffins and Canopic jars tasks you with restoring to their former glory. Failure returns the pieces forcing you to place them again. Isis rewards your sucess with more gold for your expedition funds.

Osiris is the chief judge of the Underworld and also god of resurrection. Upon compleation of the last section of a chanber he grants you a resurection life and the sun God RE rewards by offing bonus levels. These bonus levels can increase your score dramatically and are offered without any fear of loss.