SNATCHER 2 2.4.9

Platform:WinServer, Unix, Linux, Linux Console, Linux Open Source
Updated:2012-10-03 04:36:17
SNATCHER 2 was tested using leading antivirus scanners and found to be 100% Clean. It does not contain any form of viruses, malware, spyware, trojans, etc. clean award
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Dropcatch with Unrivaled Speed and Success

The basics of pending delete domain name dropcatching

Now available is the latest version of Snatcher, the phenomenal drop-catching software that has successfully helped users in acquiring high-competition pending delete domain names within seconds of public availability countless times. Snatcher 2 offers all the great features of the original Snatcher Classic, along with updated and newly added features that will be highly beneficial in your drop-catching work.

These features include:
- NO monthly subscription fees
- Multiple API providers to choose from
- 50x the speed of Snatcher Classic
- Only 300ms between WHOIS requests
- Integration with our subscription service, Sitespotter
- Automatic update check and installation
- In-application WHOIS system reveals drop date of pending delete names

Over 100, 000 domains are dropped every day. Don't miss another chance to cash in on this opportunity! As the name implies, Snatcher quickly snatches up domains the instant they drop, sending them to your registration for you to resell at a profit. It works in tandem with Sitespotter, which sifts through the queue to find those names that are worth looking at, while discarding those that are junk. Snatcher 2 now works faster than ever before with only 300ms between WHOIS requests to determine domain availability.