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School Management Software is a paperless office automation solution for today’s modern schools. The School Management Software provides the facility to carry out all day to day activities of the school, making them fast, easy, efficient and accurate. This software is a simple yet powerful one point integrated platform that connects all the departments of an institution namely office administration: – time table – examination – certification – reports generation – result generation, fee counter, library, canteen, pay roll, inventory and many more. The School ERP system helps educators to manage, analyze and get reports of extensive data, while saving time by eliminating repeated data entry.

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A School is an organization having large amount of data resources spread up in all directions in form of clerks, teachers, students, staff and so on and wants to provide best of the facilities to its students efficiently and in a best manner. Iolite – School Management Software provides the best solutions for all the school needs.

Iolite – School Management Software is developed by Shah Net Technologies Pvt. Ltd. a company which has been doing software development jobs over a decade and satisfying the customers over the globe since long. Iolite – School Management is especially designed for the School people by our team to make functioning of school administration and management work of an institute effortless and easy which is carried out on a daily basis. Iolite is an easy and simple to use software that makes daily routine work hassle-free and accurate.