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Updated:2011-09-25 14:40:07
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"Shapes + Puzzle = Shapzzle
Shapzzle HD is an extremely fun puzzle game specially designed for iPad. Shapzzle HD will challenge you, but provides endless hours of fun. The objective is to convert all the shapes on the board into the target shape given from the beginning. You must skillfully convert all the shapes while always leaving one target shape till the end, otherwise the game will end. Plus, you only get a limited number of attempts to convert all the shapes on the boards to the target shape, so be smart!
With Shapzzle HD you get endless hours of fun. Every time you start a new game a new level is randomly created. So you never run out of fun. Take a break and relax for a few minutes with Shapzzle.
★ Features:
✓ Beautiful Retina Graphics
✓ Play Three Levels of Difficulty
✓ Endless Hours Of Game Play
✓ Superb & Fun Sound Effects
✓ New Levels Randomly Created
✓ Unlock New Achievements
✓ Online Leaderboards
✓ Post Score On Facebook & Twitter
Did we mention it's free? Download this fun new game and enjoy hours and hours of fun for the cost of nothing!!! :-)
Watch This Video and See How To Play
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