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Platform:WinXP, WinVista, WinVista x64, Win7 x32, Win7 x64
Updated:2013-03-26 14:48:24
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Thanks to SmartMenu you can create rapidly and intuitive, Menù for Restaurants, Pizzerie, Pub, Coffee Bar, Café, Canteen etc.

Using a powerfull database you can store all your dishes and their features, organized by category (for example: Antipasti, First Course, Second Course, Side Dish, etc.) and by sub categories (ex: Meat main courses, Fish main courses, Veg main courses, etc).

You can store also other informations like:

If contains Sugar
If it is Alcoholic
If it is Aphrodisiac
If contains Gluten
If it is Vegetarian
SmartMenu has a powerfull function to create random menù based on parameters that you can set, for example, I want create a menù that the price is comprised in the range specified, or the total calories are between a minimun and maximun value.

SmartMenu has a few of free background, but you cand add yours.

In the menù creations you can choose if select manually a voice of menù that stay fixed, or if SmartMenu should choose it for you randomly.

- Multi language Support.
- Added Printer Selection
- Fixed some problems with Windows Vista and 7
- Added Currency Selection