Speed Reading Software: BULLET READ

Speed Reading Software: BULLET READ 2007

Speed Reading Software: BULLET READ

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Bullet Read is a revolutionary new computer program designed to guide anyone through the necessary steps to learning how to speed read without reducing comprehension or losing the enjoyment of reading. There is no better way to save time than to speed up the dominant and prevalent activity of the day.

Reading has become so ordinary, so frequent in our everyday lives, that we have become unaware of it. It is hardly an activity anymore - we truly do it all the time. Whether you're reading a newspaper article, a novel, instructions, or subtitles of a foreign film, reading takes up your time, and can often take time away from your other activities.

Speed reading is proving to be the greatest time saver there is. After nearly a year in development, our software is finally ready to take you to a new level of learning and discovery. This speed-reading program is ready for immediate download, and can be used in the comfort of your own home.

The average person reads at ~250 words per minute. Bullet Read can drive you to over 750 words per minute. Bullet Read will save you time, increase your reading speed, let you learn more, and overall make reading more enjoyable.

Like reading books?
How would you like to read double the amount you read today, understand more of what you read, and learn how to immerse yourself more than you ever had before when reading?

Bullet Read is the perfect solution, and is GUARANTEED TO WORK. www.speedreadingisreal.com