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SyncJob Calendar

Platform:WinXP, WinVista, WinVista x64, Win7 x32, Win7 x64, WinServer
Updated:2013-07-05 04:11:17
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SyncJob Calendar is a 2-way synchronization utility that synchronizes Groupwise Calendars with Google Calendars (so also Android devices).

It's a "desktop" syncer, which means you have to run the utility on your PC. In case you use Android: It simply syncs to Google, so no need to connect your device to your PC. Google Calendar pushes the data to your mobile device using its internet connection.

Are you sick of your synchronization tool creating duplicate appointments that are so obvious the same thing? One of the unique features of SyncJob is that it works "smart". it uses common sense to match appointments in your calendars, by looking at the properties of the appointments, like the start time and the title.

No hidden keys, synchronization keys, custom fields or anything like that is used for synchronization. This reduces the chance for duplicates: If two appointments look the same, they probably are...

Basic features
- 2-way Sync between Groupwise 7.x/8.x/2012 and Google Calendar.
- Works excellent in combination with Android devices, but also tested with IPhone and WiMo 6.x! Nothing to install on your phone.
- Supports multiple calendars (both GroupWise and Google).
- Optionally synchronize invitations and/or participants from Groupwise to Google - Accept/decline appointments on your phone!
- Keeps your data safe: Does not touch the Groupwise or Google data, no custom fields added.
- Can create scheduled task for unattended periodic synchronizations.

Advanced features
- Passwords can be saved e.g. for scheduled synchronization, Syncjob stores them TripleDES strongly encrypted.
- Supports remote storage of configuration files, for using SyncJob at multiple PC's (eg. using DropBox).
- Supports synchronization of multiple accounts on centralized server, using CLI tools.
- Proxy support (including authentication) for connecting to Google Calendar.