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TapSocial Free for Mac

Platform:Mac OS X
Updated:2012-11-16 04:00:43
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TapSocial is the most convenient way to monitor your Twitter feed. Instead of having to contend with visiting a separate website or running a large desktop application, TapSocial seamlessly streams your Twitter feed anywhere on your screen - just like the news crawl you see on CNN, Fox News and so many other news channels. Why spend time in a dedicated application that takes up your whole screen? TapSocial lets you work and play on your Mac and still keep up with your latested tweets. It?s, in essence, a Twitter ticker!

TapSocial Supports Social Media Analysis!
Social Media Analysis (SMA), also commonly referred to as Social Media Monitoring (SMM) and Social Media Intelligence (SMI) is an emerging technology market. Many organizations leverage intelligence systems to monitor their reputations and customer perceptions on the many social media channels.

TapSocial is the best, most non-obtrusive method for monitoring your personal or professional reputation in real-time. Tweets addressed to you stream by in real-time. You can follow hashtags or your Twitter lists that include handles of significance as well. This can all be accomplished while still getting your day job done. The TapSocial bar is elegant, minimal, and simply effective.


* Tweet - Right from the ticker! No need to open a web browser or other application.
* Pictures - Quickly identify someone's tweet.
* Pause - Simply hover your mouse over the ticker and your feed will pause. You can even copy the text of a tweet!
* Reply - Easily reply to someone's tweet right from the ticker.
* Retweet - See a great Tweet? Simply retweet it.
* Lists - TapSocial automatically pulls in all your lists and gives you the ability to turn them on & off.
* Hashtags - Indicate which hashtags you'd like to follow and they're added to the feed. Quickly turn them on & off.