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The Click

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The Click! is an addictive and relaxing puzzle game, which you can play over and over again, each time pushing your score higher. Your goal is to remove as many stones as possible by clicking on groupes of stones with the same color. Full version features: 5 selectable themes!, Beautiful music, Easy to play and it's a game for everyone!, Train your brain and reflexes, Become a master of the Click!

About Game: When you start the game, the time will start counting down.
You have only 30 seconds before you run out of time, and lose!

At the center of the stones, there's an empty space. You can
only move stones to that empty space. Right-clicking on any
of them moves it to the empty space.

The main objective is to group stones of the same color in
the largest groups possible before the time runs out. So select
a color to group, and try to make a large group.

Left click a stones, and it will blow up, and any other stone of
the same color that's touching it will blow up as well, blowing
more and more stones, creating a chain reaction. The larger
the chain reaction, the more points you get!

You MUST destroy at least three stones with each chain
reaction! Be careful, when a stone blows up, it will
leave behind a darkened stone. You CANNOT move darkened
stones! So be careful about where the empty space is when
you start the chain reaction or else it might end up trapped
between darkened stones!

if you destroy all the stones, you get a bonus of 10.000 points!