Thief Hunter – Memory Match Game

Thief Hunter – Memory Match Game 1.0

Thief Hunter – Memory Match Game
Platform:iPhone, iPod
Updated:2011-11-02 03:36:44
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" Thief Hunter - Memory Match Game is an entertaining and fun puzzle game! It's designed to help you test and improve your memory skills. Thief Hunter is for people of all ages, and have that fun classic element of a memory game. Challenge you brain with different modes and exercises.
The objective is simple. Try to match other same objects and try to get the highest score. Play the different modes and levels for even more fun and entertainment.
5 Unique Modes To Play
Street night
Extra: Mountain
The Special Mountain Mode is a bit different. The objective is to find matches of opposite objects. For Example, if a player taps on a boy image then the opposite image would be a girl. This is a fun new twist to the classic matching game. Each mode consists of 3 levels (Easy, Medium and Hard).
For added fun and entertainment we've also added various power-ups.
Torch Power: All objects become viewable for few seconds.
First Match Me: Open any particular object and the power will find the similar object.
Dangerous Powers:
Skull Power: Matching skull power will reshuffle all closed objects.
Bad Zombie Power: Matching zombie power will close and reshuffle all opened matches.
Thief Hunter Memory Match Game is a challenging puzzle memory game; which is bound to thoroughly test your memory skills!