Time Doctor Tasks for Linux

Time Doctor Tasks for Linux 1.4.71

Time Doctor Tasks for Linux

Updated:2015-06-03 20:43:34
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Time Doctor Tasks for Linux is the best time management and time tracking software that provides real-time tracking of employee time worked. Individuals and companies using Linux will greatly benefit from Time Doctor Tasks by helping to track tasks, track time worked, work more productively.

Time Doctor Tasks for Linux is also the best software for managing a remote team with minimal effort. It tracks employee Internet usage, and provides optional screenshot tracking to prove time worked for remote working employees.

Time Doctor Tasks for Linux is the most effective software for time tracking for employees and there are many ways this software makes sure that time tracking is accurate. Time Doctor Tasks helps staff to focus on tasks, and makes sure managers are aware of employees' top priorities.

With Time Doctor Tasks for Linux, managers can see exactly who is working and what they are working on at any time.

Other features of Time Doctor Tasks:
* A daily report to managers and individuals showing all tasks worked on for the day and exact time worked
* Weekly report of websites visited
* Daily time management tips
* Optional screenshots to prove time worked