Time Doctor Tasks for Windows

Time Doctor Tasks for Windows 1.4.71

Time Doctor Tasks for Windows

Platform:Win7, Win7 x64, WinVista, WinVista x64, WinXP
Updated:2015-06-01 20:43:37
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Time Doctor Tasks for Windows is the best time management software that provides real-time tracking of employee tasks and prevent wasted time. Individuals and companies using Windows will greatly benefit from Time Doctor Tasks by effectively managing time and improving productivity.

Time Doctor Tasks for Windows is also the best software for managing a remote team with ease and minimal effort. It tracks employee Internet and application usage, and generates relevant reports. It produces screenshots every few minutes as a way to confirm that the staff is working.

Time Doctor Tasks for Windows is the most effective software for time tracking for employees and there are multiple ways to ensure that time tracking is accurate. Time Doctor Tasks helps improve employee productivity and discourage multi-tasking, helps staff to focus on tasks, and making sure managers are aware of employees' top priorities.

With Time Doctor Tasks for Windows, employees are able to organize and set priority levels for tasks and projects using its user-friendly interface. High-level view of employee productivity is provided by the Time Doctor web dashboard accessible via Time Doctor Tasks or in the browser.

Other features include:
* A consolidated daily report to management and individuals listing all the tasks accomplished for the day and the top priorities for tomorrow
* Weekly report of websites visited during the previous week, only during work hours
* Exact recording of time worked, and multiple ways to make sure that the hours worked are accurate.
* Daily time management tips
* Recording how much time was spent on email and chat